Furutech GS-28P(G) Crimp Sleeves - 100kpl

Valmistaja: Furutech

Non-magnetic 24K Gold Plated α-Conductor and Treated with the FURUTECHα(Alpha) Process to minimize transmission loss

・24k Gold plated non-magnetism α- Conductor
・Material: Pure Copper Pipe

Specifiction US GS-11P (I.D. :1.1mmXOverall long:6mm) for 20 AWG

GS-21P (I.D. :2.1mmXOverall long:10mm) for 14 AWG
GS-28P (I.D. :2.8mmXOverall long:10mm) for 12 AWG
GS-35P (I.D. :3.5mmXOverall long:10mm) for 10 AWG
GS-46P (I.D. :4.6mmXOverall long:10mm) for 8 AWG
GS-83P (I.D. :8.3mmXOverall long:20mm) for 4 AWG
GS-90P (I.D. 9.0mmXOverall long:20mm L) for 2 AWG

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