Furutech FT-210(G) High End Performance disconnect terminal 10pcs

Valmistaja: Furutech

The world's first truly high end disconnect terminal made with α (Alpha) pure copper conductors

• The Furutech FT-210 Fully Insulated Female Disconnect Terminal using 24k Gold-plated α (Alpha) pure copper conductor.
• Suitable TAB Size: 0.250 X 0.032 “ / 6.35 X 0.8 mm.
• Suitable Wire Size: FT-210---5.5 sq. mm max. (12~10 AWG)
• Insulated Tube: RoHS Compliant high mechanical strength PolySulfone resin (Yellow).
• The extraction force: 5.0 kgf (49N) approx
• Rhodium plated version by request.
• Package: 10 pcs / set.

Furutech recommends using FT-210 disconnect terminals with FT-860 wire-wound binding posts and any other application that requires the finest conductor material

Note* If the extraction force weakens to restore the gripping force, simply use nipper pliers to press both sides of terminal

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