Furutech FP-705M(R) High Performance 4 pin XLR connector (male)

Valmistaja: Furutech

Furutech 4-Pin XLR connector:

Furutech’s beautifully finished, beautiful sounding FP-705M connector feature α (Alpha) copper alloy conductors set in a special PBT / fiberglass resin insulation for minimal impedance and for high soldering temperatures. The FP-705M is finished in black painted housings.

• Main conductor: Rhodium-plated α (Alpha) Copper alloy conductor
• Insulation with PBT and fiberglass Resin
• Housing: Nonmagnetic Zinc/Al alloy and Copper alloy (End shell)
• Connections: Soldered
• Specified for cable diameters up to 9mm
• Dimensions:
o FP-705M: 18.8mm ± 0.1mm diameter x 63.2mm ± 0.1mm overall length

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