Furutech Flow-28 High Performance Power Filter

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AC Power Can Make or Break Your System!
The audio you hear from your home entertainment system is essentially the incoming electricity itself, and the typically violent storms riding the AC line and its ground is very detrimental to the performance of your components.
Nobody truly enjoys the sound of high-frequency trash noise. But in many cases, listeners may not know just how noisy their audio/video systems are—until all that EMI and RFI is removed and the music suddenly flows through like never before. In most cases that would require some sort of power filter that removes the noise—and perhaps, unfortunately, some of the high frequencies as well.
The Furutech Flow-28 Inline Power Filter effective removes all of that high-frequency noise from the mains power before it reaches your components—all without robbing your system of the high frequencies that are responsible for that airy, 3-D sound that’s so natural and lifelike. Dynamic contrasts, you’ll discover, are unaffected as well. Just stick the Flow-28 between power cords and components, or power cords and power distributors, and eliminate all radiated AC noise from your system.
Furutech accomplishes this feat through meticulous engineering, and by constantly examining each part of the power signal. This resulted in the following innovations:
• Two active materials, nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon, are combined inside a nylon and fiberglass shell to create an effectively damped body—both mechanically and electrically
• 24K gold-plated Alpha non-magnetic connectors and conductors are used throughout to both carry the signal and shield for protection against radiated noise
• A parallel circuit with an in-line coil and capacitor that significantly reduces noise by 8dB at 100 KHz, 14 dB at 500KHz and 30 dB at 10MHz
• High-grade PE insulation that helps to reduce capacitance
• Patented Floating Field Damper which acts as a very effective earth/ground jumper system
• Much, much more
If you don’t believe that noise from your AC power lines is affecting the sound quality of your audio and video components, simply install a Flow-28 Inline Power Filter in your system. You’ll instantly hear more music and less noise than ever before—all without losing the precious high frequencies that give music both light and air.
•The cover of the filtering unit combines two “active” materials: Nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon. Nylon and fiberglass are incorporated as well forming an extremely effective, mechanically and electrically damped body.

•For connection between power cables and power distributors or power cables and components. Eliminate and prevent radiated AC noise
•Fitted with Furutech’s rhodium-plated α (Alpha) nonmagnetic FI-28R connector
•AC-1501R EMI-filtering IEC, rhodium-plated α (Alpha) nonmagnetic copper alloy conductors
•AC-1501R EMI filter features a parallel circuit with in-line coil and condenser, reducing noise at 1MHz by 10dB and at 10MHz by more than 30dB
•Floating Field Damper (Earth/Ground Jumper System) US Patent No.: 6,669,491
•Patent-pending metal cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanically and electrically induced distortion

Cable Specifications:
•Conductors:56-strand (Inner) and 29-strand (Outer) α (Alpha) OCC conductor・0.175mm x 3 cores
•Insulation-1: Special irradiated PE (Red/Natural/Yellow) 3.45mm diameter
•Insulation-2: irradiated PE surrounded by Teflon tape wrap, 3.6mm diameter
•Inner Sheath: RoHS-compliant flexible PVC incorporating carbon particles
•Shield: 0.12mm diameter α (Alpha) Conductor wire braid
•Sheath: RoHS-compliant flexible PVC, 14.2mm diameter
•Jacket: Vibration damping special Nylon Yarn Braid (Black)
•α (Alpha) conductor shield for protection against radiated noise
•RoHS-compliant flexible PVC sheath improves vibration isolation
•Special high-grade PE Insulation contributes to reduced capacitance
•Incorporating Furutech’s special passive GC-303 EMI filtering material

AC-1501R Specifications:
・Rhodium plated α (Alpha) non-magnetic copper alloy conductors
・Outer cover Cr Plated steel plate
・Inner cover Nylon glass fiber
・Inner Box Nylon glass fiber
・Inner parts held by Piezo Epoxy
・Rating AC 115V/250V 15A 50/60Hz

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