Furutech FD-4418 i-Link Digital Cable 1.8m

Valmistaja: Furutech
i-Link Digital Cable
UL-IEEE1394 Cable for Audio Equipment
α(Alpha)-Silver plated μ–OFC Cconductor
・the FURUTECH i-Link Digital Cable has successfully completed UL Standard testing.
・Main conductor is the α(Alpha)Silver plated μ–OFC conductor for ultra low transmission loss.
・All connectors with non-magnetic 24K Gold Plated α(Alpha) conductor.
Connector Body with Mg-Zn Alloy Casting and lightly Sn-Ni Plated. Flexible PVC Sheath(Clear).
・3 Layer Shielding appropriate for superior noise isolation.
・Product Length : 1.8 M.
・α(Alpha)-Silver Plated μ–OFC conductor is the fine μ–OFC conductor wire strands
treated with α(Alpha) process(Super Cryogenic & Demagnetizing Treatment).

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